Poseka Ski slopes

Poseka Ski slopes

The Poseka Ski Slopes are located in the immediate vicinity of the Sports Centre with gyms, indoor pool, saunas, fitness gym, nine-pin bowling alley, and more. It is intended for recreational and competitive skiing, and is fully operational even in fickle and dry winters. Poseka is home to the local ski club ASK Fužinar. The ski slope also holds the FIS Slalom homologation. 

Info: +386 (0) 2 82 23 332

Current snow conditions can be checked on the following websites:

Ski slopes 
Altitude: 432–587 m above sea level 
Surface area: 8 ha
Slope length: 700 and 1000 m

Ski facilities 
Type: draglift 
Capacity: 800 skiers per hour 
Snowmaking: capable of 100% additional snow cover 

Additional perks and services

  • Night-time skiing.
  • Possibility of organising ski competitions and major events.
  • The slope can be used to organise various recreational competitions. It has a FIS Slalom homologation and it can host almost any type of skiing competition, including FIS competitions.

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