PICIKL is an automated bicycle rental system within the project Urban Regulation of Ravne na Koroškem, which was started by the Municipality of Ravne na Koroškem. The project features three rental stations, which include 18 bicycle stands and 12 bicycles. The PICIKL system makes it possible to rent bicycles in an urban area, with the possibility of returning the bike at any station i.e. free bicycle stand in the system.

The rental system currently offers 12 city-bikes with three stations throught the city, located as follows:

  • The Ravne na Koroškem Municipal Building,
  • DTK Sports Centre,
  • Ravne na Koroškem Kindergarten Ajda.

The user needs to register at the Ravne na Koroškem Municipal Building in order to use the bike rental system. After registering, users receive their own personal URBANA RAVNE User Card and a PIN number. Bikes can be rented completely free of charge, with a weekly 14 hour time limit. 

The project aims to present a non-motorised way of transport in an urban environment, and to also create a service - namely bike rental. Providing the bike rental system should encourage bike use for short- and medium-range distance travel within the town. It also aims to provide an option of quick and simple bike rental for commercial and private purposes during work or free time.

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