Outdoor gym at the Ravne stadium

Outdoor gym at the Ravne stadium

Perfect for fitness fans – now they can exercise using our outdoor fitness equipment. Outdoor workouts help increase blood flow, raise oxygen level, shape the whole body, and provide the energy required to overcome daily stress.

Outdoor fitness equipment makes workouts fun for all age groups. It promotes working out in the fresh air, spending free time actively, maintaining body fitness, and developing a positive attitude towards a healthy way of life. This type of workout is fun and relaxing, intended for all age groups, and is a good way of socializing and spending free time actively.

The opening ceremony for the outdoor fitness gym took place in June 2015. The town and municipality of Ravne na Koroškem used funds donated by the SIJ Group (Slovenian Steel Industry) to completely equip the outdoor fitness gym.

Outdoor gym for senior citizens

In order to increase the appeal of the urban environment, an outdoor gym for senior citizens was set up, which significantly improved the area of the Castle Park in Ravne.

It is located right near the Ravne DTK Sports Centre. A whole range of features make it easy to have fun and develop motor skills, and they also meet the requirements of the SIST EN 1176 Standard. The outdoor fitness for senior citizens includes a total of 22 items of exercise equipment.

Physical exercise keeps senior citizens active and in good health.

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